Leaf issue 02
A5 format (21x14,8cm) 300 pages

Fall/winter 2021
In this issue you can find an interview of Claude Fontaine in Los Angeles, the story of Carole Plumelle, and the one of Narumi Herisson, an interview with Kostas Murkudis, a Jacquemus backstage,  more interviews, and more photo stories.
Contributors in this issue :

I could never be a dancer, Cola Boyy, Cowgirl Clue, Ed Curtis, écoute chérie, Margaux Dague, Marie Davidson, Olivia De Chiara, Joseph Delhomme, Hubert Crabières, David Fanfani, Claude Fontaine, Jeanne Friot, Sam Hellmann, Narumi Herisson, Kah-Lo, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Karolina Maciejak & Virgile Demo, Sasha Marro, Riccardo Meroni, Laura Moreau, Kostas Murkudis, Alexandre Nart, Lewis OfMan, Ivan Peev, Amélie Pichard, Louis Portejoie, Carole Plumelle, Tess Yopp, Martin Zahringer…